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We are the Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwestern Ohio, Serving Darke, Miami, and Preble counties. We provide high quality, direct care to individuals with mental health challenges in order that they might attain the best possible quality of life. The Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwestern Ohio provides leadership within the communities to foster optimal behavioral health through connections with local and regional partners to discover ways to prevent, reduce and minimize effects of behavioral health concerns.

We have a staff of over 75 employees in a professional environment, therapists, as well as customer service representatives, to take individuals’ personal phone calls in a timely manner, to reach out to those in need of supportive services. Employees of The Mental Health Clinic are expected to value highest ethical standards, quality clinical care, and good customer service. We also value quality communication skills in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and often multi-agency service environment.

The Mission of The Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwest Ohio is to save lives.  Employees are expected to be dedicated to fulfilling this mission, even at personal sacrifice.  At the same time, to accomplish our mission, RWC Ohio recognizes the importance of maintaining a friendly work environment, where employee family responsibilities, career ambitions and personal aspirations are encouraged and supported.  It is the goal of RWC Ohio to provide working conditions that are conducive to reducing the stress and conflict inherent in providing counseling and recovery services, so as to maximize our effectiveness toward accomplishing our mission.




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